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item no.: 107935935001
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specification: 230 ml
functions:Hydrating Anti-oxidizingFirmingAnti-wrinkleAll Skin Type


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product name: SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (Limited Edition-Red Butterfly) (230ml) item no.: 107935935001 brand: SK-II
ative from: 2016-02-04 00:00:00 product size: 230 ml country of origin: Japan
function: Hydrating Anti-oxidizingFirmingAnti-wrinkleAll Skin Type category: Essence



SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (Limited Edition-Red Butterfly) (230ml)

SK-II facial treatment essence is the signature product of SK-II. The limited edition collection of it introduces special design of butterfly, symbolizing the change brought by SK-II that empower a woman to take control of her own destiny.

With over 90% Pitera, it improves your skin in 4 key dimensions, giving you beautiful and crystal clear skin:

 Balance the Acidity of Skin, Suitable for Acne Skin:
It balances oil and water, discouraging the growth of acnes and spots and keeping the skin in a weak acidic condition. Your skin can resume smooth and elastic upon continuous use.

 Reduction of Wrinkles and Lines:
It fosters the metabolism and blood circulation, helping cell recovery and reducing wrinkles and lines respectively. Your radiance is then beautifully elevated.

 Less Visible Spots and Pigmentation and Skin Texture is More Refined:
It can effectively reduce the pigmentation and spots, refining and brightening your skin.

 Alleviation of Dry Skin and Elasticity Enhancement:
It provides moisture for skin, enabling the skin to stay in the hydrated condition, thus enhancing the skin elasticity.

 Ranked as No.3 Best Cosmetic under “Lotion” category in Japan Cosme Beauty Awards 2010
 Editors’ Choice Top 10 @ HK Cosmopolitan Cosmo Asian Beauty Awards 2012
 2012 Rayli Beauty Awards Winner
 Special Award in Greater China @ Marie Claire Beauty Awards 2013
 2013 Harper's Bazaar Red List Beauty Awards Winner
 Ranked as No.1 Best Cosmetic under “Lotion” category in Japan Cosme Beauty Awards 2014
 2014 Art Bodega Magazine Beauty Awards Winner
 2014 Elite Magazine Beauty Awards Winner
 2015 "The Beauty Magazine" Best 50 Beauty Buy
 Ranked as No.2 Best Cosmetic under “Lotion” category in China Weibo Beauty Awards (微妝賞) 2015

how to use

Step 1 Soak appropriate amount of SK-II facial treatment essence using makeup cotton. Apply from the forehead upon two sides and from eyebrows to the temple. Step 2 Spread from eyebrow to nose tip gently for two to three times. Scrub the area with horny layer. Step 3 Spread around the mouth area gently and evenly. Step 4 Apply from the jaw tip to the temple, spreading the essence all over the cheek. Step 5 Spread very gently on the eye circle area. Step 6 Finally, use makeup cotton to spread on the area with large pores with gentle massage.


 92.7% Pitera, the Saccharomycopsis Ferment Filtrate: Foster body metabolism and adjust the skin to the appropriate acidity level. Prevent the darkness, spots and wrinkles arising from sun exposure, balancing oil and water and creating smooth skin.  Protein: With whitening effect and effectively reducing spots and pigmentation, resuming bright and white skin.  Mineral: Improve the skin by enhancing the absorption ability of skin.  Amino Acid: Provide deep moisture for skin.  Oligosaccharides: Calm down allergic skin.

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